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We invested lots of research resources to develop water treatment systems. After years of modification, we finally finished “101 environmentally-friendly water treatment system”.

you only need to switch on to “sterile filter washing”. Every time you turn on the switch, you get a new filter cartridge.


The “Quick Counter current-Type water purifier” has multinational patents, including Japan patent, U.S.A. patent, German Patent, Korea patent, China patent, and Taiwan patent, etc.



■ Innovative technology ■
A whole new concept

Welcome to this webpage! Our innovative technology will refresh your minds. With our exclusive worldwide patent invention, we predicted that the no-consumables era is coming!

All traditional water treatment systems, whether for industry or for residences, have maintenance problems: minor parts need to be replaced every three months and major parts need to be replaced every year. These waste materials all ended up in incinerators, or were refurbished by dishonest manufacturers. They are costly and un-environmentally-friendly.

■ Taiwan and Japan cooperated ■
Nationally approved

Made with Japanese first-rate quality materials. The official water treatment system of Taiwan High Speed Rail.

InnovativeEnvironmentally drinking water system





   11cm* 19cm* 45cm

Flow rate—————

   3~5 litters/minute

Total water

   200 tons
Turbidity limitation——

   10000 units and below

Operating temperature-

   50°C and below


PH level—————-

   PH 5.5~9.5


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The filter cartridges keep water sterile and drinkable. If you always spend your money carefully, you’ll know it’s the water treatment system you’ve been waiting for. You can also bring the environmental protectionism and the continuity concept to home.

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Restaurants, cafes, and cold-drink shops usually have these maintenance problems: minor parts of a water treatment system need to be replaced every three months; major parts need to be replaced every year. And most of the time, they need to change filters even earlier because the water outflow becomes small and can’t supply enough water in time. The expense for filters therefore becomes a major cost.

Our system brings environment protectionism and the continuity concept to your business.

Enjoy high efficiency, high quality and high value.

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